Cassandra Harrison
Cassandra Harrison
Empowering families

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Site Supervisor

My children attended  programs served by Head Start programs. At the time, I volunteered in the Parent Committee. It was there that I felt treated with respect and dignity. My voice was heard as it had never been before. Soon after, I became part of the executive committee of the Policy Council who led me to participate in community advocacy for our programs. From there, I was encouraged to go back to school by both the center and the central office staff. I achieved my first degree and was hired as a Head Start/ State Preschool classroom teacher. Since then, I have been continually supported in my professional growth to take classes and to continue on with my education. I have participated in several conferences such as literacy and STEM to implement in the classroom. My ambition earned a promotion to Site Supervisor in 2016. I continued my studies and completed my undergraduate degree in Human Development with a concentration in Early Childhood Education through the support of KiZCommunity and Head Start.   Currently, I am working on my masters degree in Psychology. Working for KidZCommunity has ignited a passion in me for helping other who are in the same situation as I was as a parent in the program. Through my time working in the classroom, I have discovered that I can do more to help the children and families who may be facing traumatic situations in their personal lives. My future plans include delivering therapy to children and families of Head Start. I have big plans for my future and they all started when I became a KidZCommunity parent.

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