Program Options


Program Options

Children and families enrolled in Head Start and Early Head Start programs

receive comprehensive support services, including family support and health collaboration services.

Early Head Start programs serve infants and

toddlers’ birth to 3 years and pregnant women.

Head Start programs serve children 3 years to 5 years old. 

Home-Based Programs

Center-Based Programs

Private Child Care Homes

 Early Head Start

Early Head Start  Center-Based Head Start / State Preschool Full Day (Wraparound) Programs

Early Head Start

Early Head Start services are provided for families with children prenatal to three years, primarily at home. Through work with parents as the primary teacher in the growth and development of their child, Home Visitors assist parents with early education and family support services.

Participation in weekly home visits and weekly play groups is required.

Play Group activities are held in a classroom, or a community facility, as part of the home-based program option.

Early Head Start Center-Based services, in a    childcare setting, are provided for infants and toddlers while parents work, job search, or attend school.

Services provide opportunities for infants and toddlers to grow and develop together in a nurturing and inclusive setting.

Early Head Start centers operate 12 months per year.

The Early Head Start center-based program operates six hours a day, five days a week.

Head Start and State Preschool blend funding to create a full-day program.

This program operates up to 6 hours a day, five days a week.

Operates 175 days per year.

Home Visits: Visits are made in the child’s home by the child’s teacher and Family Engagement Advocate for the purpose of supporting parents in fostering the growth and development of their child and family.

In collaboration with Family Child Care Homes, KidZCommunity provides childcare opportunities and Early Head Start and Head Start Services for infants and toddlers in      private childcare homes, while parents work, job search or attend school.

This program operates at a minimum of six hours a day, five days a week for Early Head Start children enrolled in the family childcare homes in Placer County and Nevada County.