Volunteering - The Backbone of our programs


Volunteers are said to be the “backbone” of the Early Head Start and Head Start program. Whether you are a parent, friend, family member, family, or community member there are many ways to get involved. Co-creating experiences with staff will provide you with ultimate leadership and learning opportunities.

Parent involvement and family engagement are beneficial to the future success of your child’s education and family life. Research shows that children whose parents were involved in their early education attended school more regularly, had better social skills, and showed an increase in academic performance. For parents, it leads to better and more frequent communication with teachers, stronger parenting skills, and a closer relationship with their child.

Many opportunities exist for you to become involved in your child’s early education at KidZCommunity. Direct classroom involvement is just one way to become involved. Helping from your home, engaging with your community, or participating in advocacy and leadership positions are others.

The following list includes a few of our agency committees, conferences, workshops, and events.

    Policy Council

    Advisory Committees

    Parent-Center Committee

    Putting Dad’s in the Picture

    “Daddy Read to Me!”

    Male Ambassador Program

    Gardening Workshops

    Heart of the Family Conference

    Family Life Practice Workshops

    Family Nights

    Day of the Young Child

    Fall Festival

    Celebrating Families!

    Spring Appreciation Picnics