Patti Francis
Patti Francis
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Site Supervisor

I was a Headstart parent myself. It was 19 years ago that my 3 years old started in the Headstart program at KidZCommunity. It was a difficult time because he had strong separation anxiety but my son's center helped us both through it. Then they found out that I had some College units and they encouraged me to finish my AA and to come work for them. One of my son's teachers even took me to my first interview to become a substitute teacher! I have been at KidZCommunity since then. I finished my AA degree in 2015, and with the support of the agency, I will finish my Bachelor's degree this year. I started as a substitute teacher, was an associate teacher for 10 years, then teacher once I got my AA, and now I am Site Supervisor. My son is now 19 years old. I love what we do at KidZCommunity. I love to support our families, children and even the teachers. It is a 100% supportive environment. I am grateful to be part of it.

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