Stephanie Garcia
Born into Headstart

About Stephanie

Family Engagement Advocate

I was born on the bathroom floor in my family's home. I was the 6th child in my family. My mother didn't have time to go to the hospital. Her first phone call, after my birth, was to the Head Start bus driver asking him to enroll her newborn into the program. Her second phone call was to 911. Our Head Start teacher heard of this and within a few minutes, dropped everything and ran to help my mother.  That is in short what I believe is one of this program's greatest strengths, community. When anyone is enrolled in one of our programs, they become part of our caring community. My mother knew it and I know it too. I have worked for KidZcommunity since the 90's. I enjoy helping families, networking and the teamwork this position provides. My mother taught me, "It take a village to raise a child". I appreciate it and am grateful to be part of the KidZCommunity tribe.

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