Ramey Fahrney
Great benefits while giving back

About Ramey

Site Supervisor

I worked for a long time as a Director for a local non-profit. I was in charge of running half-day programs. The school was small and privately owned and did not offer any benefits. My children we getting older and I started thinking that I should find another position that offered more financial support for my family. One of my co-workers had left the coop and had started working at KidZCommunity. Just like me, she was looking to the future. We were both interested in working for a company that took care of its employees. She recommended that I start working one day a week at KidZCommunity while still in my employment to see if I would like working there. So I started as a substitute teacher, one day a week. I have now been at KidZCommunity full time since 2013. I have since held the position of teacher, lead teacher and now site supervisor. I love working here. I love giving back to the community. We offer such beautiful programs. I think that many families need a safe place for their children to be while they go back to school or work. Our centers do this and so much more. We prepare children for school while providing a safe and loving environment.

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