Stormy Nelson
Stormy Nelson
Celebrating strength

About Stormy

Home Visitor

I have been a  home visitor for twenty years and I still love it. Building relationships with families, and contributing to them has been my life's work. I find it incredibly fulfilling to meet each parent, and each family exactly when they are at. In my role, I have seen so many parents who need support, encouragement, and acknowledgment. I am their cheerleader and guide. I help them get back up when they fall and guide them to new heights. Each family has their own individualized plan. I work with them exactly where they are, with no judgment and take them to their full potential. Let me tell you about a parent for which our program made all the difference in the world. Over ten years ago, I met a pregnant young woman. She was homeless and living in a tent. She welcomed my support and services. I helped her through an abusive relationship and a few changes of address. We got very close. Her life changed for the better. Then, ten years after I first met her, she showed up at my doorstep. She told me she was pregnant again and absolutely wanted me to be in her life. That is my work. It is fulfilling and I wouldn't change it for anything.    

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