Learning Experience – Breakfast Burritos!!!
Learning Experience – Breakfast Burritos!!!

Learning Experience – Breakfast Burritos!!!

Learning Experience – Breakfast Burritos!!!

Dear Sarah,
This morning was fun. Your mom and I made burritos. I got done way before her because she was super busy with your dog Buck and helping you. But we did cook burritos together for a little bit. She held you while she was cooking! Mommy is quite the multi-tasker. You were watching her cook and you would stare at the food. I think you really wanted to eat some but you have to wait just a while longer until you are a little bit older. You loved watching mommy cook. You saw me in the iPad camera and you smiled so big. I love you and miss you Sarah!
Teacher Julie

What learning was happening?
Sarah you are so interested in what your mom is doing. You watch her every move and you are fixated on what she is doing at every moment. You are showing that you have the capacity to pay attention to people, things, or the environment, when interacting with others or exploring play materials. This will help you in the future to maintain attention on your own briefly without adult support.

Opportunities and Possibilities
Teacher Julie will continue to support you by singing songs through video chat, such as pat-a-cake, continue to have zoom meetings with you and your peers in the classroom.


Get to Know Teacher Julie

Hi my name is Julie Hessom and I am an Infant Care Teacher at Silver Springs Early Head Start Center. I have been with Head Start originally since 2006. I first started out as a volunteering parent when my youngest son (now 19) was in pre-school at Head Start in Colorado. Eventually I moved to California and started working for KidZCommunity in 2008. I had taken a break to go back to school in order to earn my units from college to be back at Head Start. I’ve been back with them full time since 2015. I didn’t know that I would come to fall in love with this line of work until I really made connections with children and their families. I absolutely cherish each bond and partnership with my children and families. I am so grateful that we are able to connect during this time with the Covid crisis through technology. As for my own family, we bond through just hanging out, and fishing. I personally love to go camping and fishing and being in nature. It has been such a blessing for me to work with children and families.