Cianna Garcia
My life is making a difference

About Cianna

Infant Care Teacher

I did not have a great childhood and I never thought that I would ever make a difference in other people’s lives. I was wrong. I now make a difference in the life of many. I am an Early Headstart teacher for KidZCommunity. I have been here less than a year but I have already seen how our program affects families and the community. I used to have a good job working for a corporate child center but deep down, I really wanted to make a difference in with minorities and families in need. It is since I am at KidZCommunity that I know that I am making a difference. There are so many great things that we offer to families. Lastly, as a bonus, I found out that it is easy to move up within the organization. I love working here and I love that my life is making a difference.

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