A Word from the Director

Executive Director's Message

Denyse Cardoza
Executive Director

Welcome to KidZCommunity


Placer Community Action Council, Inc, has been known as KidZKount since 2001. This year, we changed our DBA to KidZCommunity. The name change was made in order to better represent the agency and the services we offer.

Our new name renews our commitment to the partners and communities we serve.  Since 1969, the agency has been providing early learning and comprehensive services for eligible children and their families.

At KidZCommunity, we strive to provide the highest quality early education experience for all children enrolled. KidZCommunity operates Head Start and Early Head Start programs, both are federally funded primarily serving children whose families earn less than the federal poverty level – just $24,250 per year for a family of four.

In 2016, our Head Start program served 440 three, four and five-year-old, and our Early Head Start program served 21 pregnant women and 529 children from birth through three years of age.

In addition to proving early education, our programs provide holistic services including: Family Engagement, Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Disabilities, and Mental Health Services for children and families.

KidZCommunity partners with local high schools to provide childcare for students so they can spend time learning parenting and self-sufficiency skills. Staff cultivates strong partnerships with programs that support the exceptional needs of Head Start and Early Head Start families.

The State Preschool program, funded by the California Department of Education, works in collaboration with the part-day Head Start program to provide a full-day quality experience for 20-24 children. All children enrolled in this program also satisfy the requirements for enrollment in Head Start.

The partner Child Care Centers and Family Child Care Homes are comprised of private child care providers. These professionals are trained to provide full-day care for children under Head Start performance guidelines. These critical early education programs prepare children to successfully enter Kindergarten, which promotes lasting benefits in their formative years.

KidZCommunity provides breakfast lunch and snack to children while enrolled in the program, promoting healthy eating and using organic produce whenever possible.